Record Options Investing

financial literacy platform

More than an Options Trading Course

Record Options Investing (ROI) is a revolutionary financial literacy platform designed to empower retail investors. No previous stock market experience required. A lesson by lesson, comprehensive video training course spread across five visual albums. Delivering the knowledge and skills required to reap the benefits of Wall Street.

High Fidelity Investment Education

Record Options Investing (ROI) was an absolute blast. There’s nothing I love seeing more than a small, family business being started as a way of seizing the means of production. On top of that, Record Options Investing is teaching retail investors to read between the lines of the market. No games, no memes, just learnable & repeatable strategies for successful long term return.

Having just launched in February 2023, ROI is a premium video based financial training platform. For a Monthly or Annual fee users can utilize the nearly 40 training videos, custom built glossary, training gear shop & VIP Group. I look forward to continuing to grow the ROI training empire they dream of creating to empower even more retail investors into financial literacy & subsequent financial independence.