Northside Paws Veterinary Care

Veterinary Services for Every Stage of Life

At Northside Paws Veterinary Care, your pets are part of our family and so are you. Here to walk with you through every stage of your pet’s life, providing personalized veterinary care — and plenty of belly rubs — to your pawsome friends. A new practice celebrating their grand opening in Indianapolis, Indiana!

Here for Each Step of the Journey

Northside Paws is a newly opened practice, needing a brand to capture the vibrant urban location & bubbly new owner – Dr. Beth Frank. Any project with double digit puppies & kittens in the photographs, is a project I can easily love. Giving Northside Paws a young, colorful, guaranteed non-stuffy look was a fun challenge. I decided to use the brand colors tactfully to reflect the family like appeal of the caring & professional staff.

When you look at Northside Paws Veterinary Care & see a Coogi sweater, or a Teddy Fresh panel button down – you’re right. The big, swooping dividers & more natural fur-like background texture combine with the brand colors to create a unique, young look for a tenured institution. I wish Dr. Beth all the best with her new, cozy & caring veterinary practice.

Northside Paws Veterinary Care was designed under contract of Beyond Indigo Pets.