No Toil

ditch the chemical solvents

No Toil, Convenient Air Filtration Maintenance

No-Toil’s main objective, when it was founded in 1998, was to simplify air filter maintenance. No-Toil is a product created by motorcycles riders intending to offer convenience & peace of mind to our fellow riders. No Toil is now the only biodegradable & completely non-toxic formula available in a petroleum based product dominated market.

Moto Engineering Performance

No Toil is a family owned small business out of Yuba City, California, also responsible for the Castle Filters line of HVAC filtration products. When I first met the No Toil team I was surprised to learn that a manufacturer with such brick & mortar success was struggling to make any meaningful online sales. At first look of their original site, the reason became obvious: a complete lack of product taxonomy or categorization.

Starting from scratch on WordPress with WooCommerce was just the start of their exponential success. Making sense of No Toil’s hundreds of products for thousands of makes, models & years of motorcycles was no easy task. The elegant simplicity of the No Toil vehicle search has created a customer experience that has since contributed to an immediate 500% increase in internet sales annually.