Naked Apron

pandemic meal prep kitchen & delivery service

Naked Apron, #StayAtHome Ghost Kitchen

Naked Apron was an essential meal prep & delivery service during the COVID-19 lockdowns. When a Sacramento based restaurant couldn't cater to their regular patrons, the employees banded together to form an essential service. Their new clientele mainly composed of other essential workers needing & immunocompromised otherwise "at risk" individuals.

Peek Behind the Naked Apron

The first week the COVID-19 Pandemic, kitchens & restaurants that couldn’t cater to the new social distancing standards were forced to shutter their doors. The staff of the immediately created “Naked Apron” crew came together to build a menu & service from their certified kitchen. Putting together a menu with healthy, keto & low carb options was no simple task – but they got it done in just two days.

While the kitchen team got their menu & ingredients in order, I got hard to work scoping out the project & sourcing ingredients of my own. Built on WordPress using WooCommerce, the site required heavy customization & content development. Checkout requirements included minimum product counts & tiered distance based delivery fees. The entire project was ready in the same two days for the kitchen to prepare.