Mike E. Winfield

comedian, as seen on america's got talent

Mike E. Winfield, Actor & Standup Comedian

Mike E. Winfield is a versatile comedian & actor touring the world stage out of Sacramento, California. Mike's standup comedy & iconic hair can be found in "The Office", Amazon Prime Video & multiple Netflix specials & series. Mike E. Winfield's latest IMDB entries include two appearances (so far) on "America's Got Talent".

Back on Stage & Spreading Laughs

When I first got in touch with Mike E. Winfield, he had a pretty standard WordPress site that he had unfortunately lost access to. I immediately got to work redesigning his website & recovering his existing content from the archived website. His new site runs on WordPress with WooCommerce & other custom tools, which is setup for Mike to mostly self manage his events & ticketing.

In March 2020 when COVID-19 lockdowns went into effect, Mike was unable to continue living out the dream of touring the world with a pocketful of funny. Mike had the brilliant idea of selling live, private & group comedy shows in a podcast format through his own website. Within a few hours Mike’s site was converted from live ticketing to “pay what you can”, allowing users to pay up to $99 for a “free” comedy show.