go beyond a burner & let freedom ring

Lokifon Pre-Paid, Encrypted, Anonymous, Devices

Lokifon (low-key-phone) lets you go “Beyond A Burner” with a Prepaid, Encrypted, Anonymous Device. Common every day consumer devices are taken through a rigorous process of over 60 steps to ensure a paranoid level of protection against prying eyes. Personal privacy is under attack, defend yourself with Lokifon.

Practical Defense of Personal Privacy

Lokifon is a highly unique brand & business offering specialized services for privacy minded consumers. The brand itself is steeped in Nordic symbolism to accompany it’s “neutral ground” stance on protecting privacy. Lokifon is content heavy with copy, guides, product descriptions, graphic design, marketing content & end-user product repackaging.

The ecommerce site is built on WordPress using WooCommerce, using API’s to control third party inventory & pricing. Lokifon.com includes a tool to remotely activate a device by username when needed for meritorious service. Lokifon has always been a very rewarding project that has awarded me with 100% creative control of all projects.