Guard Guru

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Guard Guru, Security Industry Solutions

Guard Guru was designed by security & loss prevention experts to replace "one size fits most" tools that do not serve the specific needs of such a highly regulated industry. Presently, Guard Guru offers an industry wide company directory, security careers & live license monitoring with request for proposal tools coming shortly. Guard Guru has "soft launched" & will be onboarding security professionals soon.

A Decade in the Making

Guard Guru spent a long time as a cerebral, conversational idea & even longer as an on-paper project before it really got going as a development project. Scoping the project, detailing the development technologies required & user scenarios was task in itself. Guard Guru was built entirely on WordPress using WooCommerce & GravityForms for most of it’s modules.

Guard Guru is one of the largest ventures I’ve undertaken so far, as it has multiple tools, user account types, subscriptions & token based ecommerce, with bulk prices available. Additional responsibilities include all website content, design, support guides & brand identity. Continuing the growth of Guard Guru with the support of security companies along the way is path I can’t wait to carve.