Energy Initiative

residential, commercial solar & storage

Energy Initiative, Solar Made Easy

Energy Initiative is a leader in residential, commercial solar panels & energy storage around the country. Saving money on your power bill & increasing the value of your home at the same time, is as easy as starting a consultation. The friendly experts at Energy Initiative guide homeowners to increased self sufficient energy production every single day.

Take the Initiative to be Self Sufficient

Energy Initiative utilizes content driven marketing combined with highly targeted advertising & consumer funneling to carefully pinpoint their available customers in each region they operate. The Energy Initiative website is not just a consumer facing front end, but a well oiled machine for processing customers from data points to paid invoices.

Energy Initiative is designed as an efficient pipeline from social media, to pre-qualified solar customers. All leads are entered into an automated dialing system for outbound sales associates to complete the necessary questions for qualifying. Multiple API’s then automate all qualified leads to the appropriate regional sales team.