Castle Filters

protect your wallet, home & environment

Castle Filters, One Year HVAC & Furnace Filters

Castle Filters are a leading brand of HVAC filters & manufactured entirely by a small family business in California. were designed to last a full year without maintenance or replacement, quite the feat compared to the standard thirty-day HVAC paper filters. Castle Filters are the most efficient filters on the market, both for your HVAC unit & your wallet.

Castle Filters Catapult to Success

Castle Filters are the most efficient HVAC filters on the market & one of my favorite brand identities developed to date. Made by the same small family owned business that manufactures No Toil & utilizes the same filtration technology. Developing the brand identity started with a small meeting at a local diner & became a top rated Amazon seller, available in Wal-Mart & Home Depot stores across the country.

Developing the brand involved creating the name “Castle Filters”, designing the logo, collateral content & making sense of highly technical efficiency ratings. The original store was built on WordPress using WooCommerce & involved brand cross-promotions with No Toil. The tedious task of stacking bricks like a vector mason paid off with one of the most rewarding brands I’ve ever built.