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Robert Boord makes websites for the American working man.

Hello, My Name is Robert Boord!

Graphic designer, web developer & overall technology nerd at your service. Jack of all trades (master of none), autodidact of documentation & “Never Say Die” general contractor of the internet. Building businesses from concept to customer experience.

I started as a graphic designer & quickly tired of saying “No, I don’t know how to make websites”. I’ve spent over a decade of turning a reluctant “I’ll figure it out” into a semi-confident “Of Course I Can” career of solving new problems every single day.

Taking on new, uniquely difficult tasks motivates me as much as helping others accomplish goals of starting & growing a business. I’m always looking for new opportunities that may require my unique set of skills & passion for my craft.

More About Me
iVapeMectin, Vaporized Ivermectin Treatment

Introducing iVapeMectin! (Lissencephaly Sus Scrofa Domesticus) The First Vaporized Ivermectin Treatment for Patriotic Americans! Vaporized Ivermectin Treatment now available in your FAVORITE Flavors. This definitely real product was developed during COVID lockdowns, using entirely stock footage.